Month: April 2017

Oatmeal: healthy or not?

Since the rise of super foods we hear more and more about oatmeal for breakfast, a healthy snack or as an ingredient in smoothies example. But how healthy [...]

Omega-3 is really healthy?

Omega-3 is an umbrella term for a number of fatty acids contained in our diet. To get enough omega-3 can be advised to eat oily fish twice a week and there [...]

Greek yogurt: healthy or not?

Greek yogurt has a nice creamy flavor and gives you quickly feel full. But is it healthy? In this article you read is what Greek yogurt, or a better choice [...]

As Wim, Janita and Ruud can do it, you and your family can do it too!

Wim, Janita and son Ruud almost three months working on healthy eating and now fallen together about 32 kilos. Great! Here you can read the inspiring story of [...]

First aid for binge eating

In this article you will learn the tools and techniques that help you regain control of your cravings. If you have had one or more binge in recent weeks and [...]

Preparing meals: as make you lose weight easily

If you think healthy carbohydrates and eat more trouble free than 'normal' food then this article is for you. In this article I will explain exactly how you [...]

Our major omega-3 deficiency and how it complements

Omega-3 is one of the most important fatty acids that your body needs. It helps your body to function optimally and your fat burning and has numerous other [...]

Omega-6: healthy or not?

You read lately increasingly we are far too many omega-6 ingestion and this can cause dangerous inflammation in the body. Is that true, and how it affected our [...]

If Pluck can so can you!

' I could see through the belly edges of my shirts. I went to the store and bought bigger sizes. This was me bored at some point, I think I'm doing? Soon I'm [...]

5 tips for a healthy Sinterklaas evening

Saint is back in the country. The gingerbread cookies, chocolates, confectionery bars and marzipan fly your ears. If you're just doing a good job with healthy [...]