As Wim, Janita and Ruud can do it, you and your family can do it too!

Wim, Janita and son Ruud almost three months working on healthy eating and now fallen together about 32 kilos. Great! Here you can read the inspiring story of this family in which they explain how they went together to the fight against excess weight:


Last year around this time, Wim had the diabetes nurse for advice regarding his weight to even think about eating koolhyraatarm as this would positively influence blood levels. This opinion, however, was stopped in oblivion because: probably not good, difficult, difficult, etc.

In a tight car has a tight body

This idea actually came up again when our (too thick) Ruud son had bought a new car. We tried to motivate him to lose weight with the slogan: a clean car is also a tight body.

Apparently this was just at the right moment. The goal was 10 kilos off for his birthday but late 2017. But how? Because we promised to offer him a good weight loss method and also to participate themselves.

Yet carbohydrates ..

When Low Carbohydrate-story diabetes nurse came up and Google arrived on the site of Jasper Alblas . What appealed to us was the clarity of program choices, the fact that it is not a diet and easy entry to the various recipes.

We started with three of the kickstart program from the Smoothie Weight Loss Plan . This was a bit tricky. We felt the whole day with the planning and preparation of food to be busy, but we managed and got used quickly.

A bull’s-eye, especially since the time scales: resp. 4.7, 4.2 and 3.6 kilos lost. Not bad for 10 days without starving. In addition, it had improved sufficiently to diabetes control blood levels of Wim that there was actually no longer diabetic !

Happy of course and a good motivation to continue. Moreover, we feel all three fit, energetic, moving easier and sleep better.

Carbohydrates forever!

Now, after seven weeks, we can say that we have fully embraced the Low Carbohydrate food. We make use of the 7 × 7 books and Smoothie Weight Loss Plan .

We can say that we are actually after the kickstart were no longer interested in “bad” diet.

We have no interest in sweets, bad snacks (chips, fries, etc) and can manage well with all the features include internet offers us for recipes regarding Low Carbohydrate food.

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