First aid for binge eating

In this article you will learn the tools and techniques that help you regain control of your cravings.

If you have had one or more binge in recent weeks and then feel guilty about holding on then this article is for you.

In this article I will help you to find out what caused the binge, you can do it and how to make sure this never happens again.

It’s time again to take control of your own body, let’s begin.

Where do cravings come from?

The moment you walk to the fridge for the umpteenth time to grab a piece of cheese, you usually do not ask yourself why. Still, it is good that even thinking about it. Because in order to overcome the cravings, you should know what causes it.

In this article you will learn three possible causes and three corresponding solutions. Join me and discover what your rationale is a binge and learn directly what to do about it.

Possible causes of binge eating are:

  1. It’s a habit. Maybe you can remember this: if your evening news on the move, you go straight to the cookie. Whether you come home from sports and before you know it you’ve ever learned this yourself with a bag of chips on the bank.Je. Or so they did it in your home might always. It is automatic. News and cookies: in your head that things linked. Who realizes that already halverwege.Slechte habits have to change in order to make room for new, healthy habits. How you do that you see in the cup under point 1.
  2. You eat away negative emotions. You know the drill: You’re stressed, you feel lonely or have a somber mood. Immediately you put a hold on the koelkast.Je let the ‘Chinese’ yesterday taste good. The bad, sad or empty feeling ebbs away, happy; it is equally overwhelmed by the fine feel like eating your geeft.Dit is what you call emotion food. You comfort yourself as it were eten.Blijkbaar you have noticed in the past that it works. How do you break this circle you read in paragraph 2.
  3. You have a sugar crash . That is, too little sugar in your blood. That does not feel right. Quickly looking for something sweet to boost your blood sugar again. The sugar shortage triggered as a binge out.The sounds contradictory but such sugar dip – a shortage of sugar in your blood – occurs just when you eat sugar, your body will do everything to maintain an ideal blood sugar!. Especially if you eat simple carbohydrates, will suddenly flock glucose into the bloodstream: your blood sugar peaks and soon burst your energy. Your body sends immediately and to produce insulin. That fabric guides glucose from the bloodstream, is hersteld.Nu to balancing blood sugar levels is to rebuild the insulin valve can close. But the production is by the huge sugar rush so whipped up that they are not in one stilligt.Gevolg there is still taken a while glucose in the blood and balance now turns into a sugar dip. You have too little sugar in your blood and make you lethargic, irritable or light headed. Immediately you’ve craving something sweet; The following is a binge feit.Zo roll by eating sugar binge from one into the other. See under the heading at point 3 how you win this sugar addiction.

So do you get rid of your cravings

Chances are that you already have one or more causes can explain while reading your finger. Time to talk about the solutions. Here you can read them.

  1. At habits : you realize that it is something that is learned. What is learned can also, for example again afleren.Wil you break your habit at night to nibble as you sit in front of the TV? Then you frantically try not to consume the chocolate bars while watching your favorite program, but it works better to remove the trigger. In this case, for no TV kijken.Zo to take away the cause, and there is no follow binge. After a while, your new habit is a fact and the old doorbroken.Soms has some new habit a surprising side effect. In the evening the TV, what a rest. Then again turn to other things, like a job that but remained of a good conversation. That can have a positive effect on your eetgedrag.Lukt to take it away to the trigger, choose consciously bite-sized healthy snacks , remove unhealthy snacks from your home and buy them anymore.
  2. In emotion-food : perhaps you know yourself that you are an emotional eater, but find difficult to identify what emotions cause your cravings. Is it boredom, sadness, stress, anger, loneliness, shame, guilt Tip: hold at least a week in a logbook. Write when cravings occur, how you feel with it and what goes through your head even after what you feel in your body during such bui.Ga and write it down. So clearly the feelings and signals in your body trigger cravings. That’s important to know, because then something doen.Sta you can have a moment’s thought to how emotions affect your life and realize that you do can influence hebt.De next step is to confront your negative emotions and be open to what you actually want to say. In other words, what the underlying message is.Als you feel lonely for example, then that nasty feeling really an incentive to strengthen your relationships with other people again or your relationships verbeteren.Dus take action, crawl out of your shell , build connections and try something new. By taking action and moving away negative emotions into the background and you feel instantly better, as proven. You’ll find that you do well.There are also various (online) support groups where you can share your feelings and can overcome binge eating together. As you approach your emotion (s), you can make real, lasting solution for your eating disorder. It works much better than the road every time eating those recurring emotions, which in fact is a crumb.
  3. With a sugar crash , the solution is to avoid sugar spikes in your blood. You have in your hands. You do that by avoiding products with lots of fast carbs. These cause a sugar peak (and the inevitable sugar dip within an hour which elicits a binge) .Quick carbohydrates are sugars, as well as carbohydrates that are rapidly degradable into sugars. They are mainly in:
    • soda
    • fruit juices and fruit drinks from suit
    • icecreams
    • cake and candy
    • cornflakes and muesli
    • bread
    • potatoes
    • pasta
    • rice / noodles

    Replace these products by including water, vegetables, nuts, seeds, seeds, eggs, grass-fed meats, fish, organic chicken and quinoa. These products keep your blood sugar balanced. So the sugar crash is unlikely.

Less sweet is good

Less sweet to eat? No, it went! For example, let stand once all the soda and you’ll see: your sweet perception changes. Those delicious cola look sickly sweet after a while; just too sweet. Try it. Once you get accustomed to it, you miss the sweetness disagree.

Alternatively, you can make your own delicious flavored waters. If you water with slices of cucumber, mint or a few slices of lemon in it gets cold, you have a great thirst quencher without sugar.

It works the other sugar story indeed. The more you eat sweet, the sweeter it must be to find it sweet enough. If you change anything in your diet, so you tend to eat more and sweeter. All excess sugar is converted to fat. Instead of attacking come so kilograms to square one. Reason enough to now make the step towards less sweet.

Healthy eetformule low carbohydrate

Without all those fast carbs you fall down and you can still rich and tasty food. Nothing extreme, but just a healthy way of eating that you can hold good.

Healthy eetformule is as follows:

  • Few carbohydrates, certainly not fast. That works against a sugar dip
  • Many vegetables, nuts, seeds: fibers give love satiety and healthy fats your blood sugar stable
  • Limited quantities of meat, fish, poultry and eggs (always choose good quality!)
  • Restricted dairy use. Just eat cheese or Greek yogurt, do this up to four times a week
  • Minimizing processed products in jars, cans and packages: as you dodge hidden sugar, salt and chemical additives.

The solution: prepare meals with lots of fresh ingredients. It is much better, and it really does not take too much time. There are plenty of quick, delicious recipes.

This will prevent a sugar crash. And because you’ve been a satisfied feeling by this fiber-rich menu, you do not fall quickly in unhealthy snacking. Click here if you want to know more about low-carb eating .

Strategic snacking: do you pull outwit

How hard you try your best to tackle the causes, it really will sometimes prevent you give in to a binge. Binge eating is also not necessarily wrong. It all depends on what you eat. If you interferes with healthy things, there is nothing to worry about. Healthy snacking is OK!

You make it yourself is easiest if you get no sweets and unhealthy snacks in the house. Then they can not get if you robbed by a binge. Bring healthy snacks instead of house: snacks that you draw well and satisfy you so you can put in your mouth. Put these snacks in places you first walk as you eat looking. Think of some raw nuts, raw vegetables with a humusdip, a portion of oily fish and some seeds and nuts.

Avocado is good fruit to always have on the fruit. Halve, little salt, pepper and lemon over it and you can’m so spooning. That’s three counting finished and filling. The other half can be stored for subsequent binge or you can do the day after on your salad. A little lemon juice over it and it will not discolour.

Cook also occasionally a few eggs to refrigerate the tension arises. And do not worry, as you can read here: eggs you do not raise your cholesterol.

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