PXL Male Enhancement – SHOCKING SIDE EFFECTS Revelled – DO NOT BUY

PXL Male Enhancement testosterone booster is a supplement that helps improve the quality and remain in force for the erection of a man, while the production of hormones is stimulated. The formula is currently offered as a first test, giving everyone the chance to see how well it works for them before buying them.

Wat is PXL Male Enhancement?

PXL Male Enhancement is a nutritional supplement that comes in the form of a pill. You take two pills a day to support a diet and exercise program. By regularly taking the pill, you can optimize the growth of muscle mass, improve sexual performance and reduce recovery times.

Obviously, these are similar claims to those made by other supplements for men are sold online. PXL Male Enhancement also claims that it is clinically proven to provide all of the following benefits:

  • 52% muscle growth
  • 42% increased stamina
  • 47% reduced exhaustion
  • Increases the energy levels with 283%
  • Improves libido 66%
  • Increases the free testosterone levels by 140%

It is unclear how PXL Male Enhancement measured these statistics and came up with the numbers. They call any clinical trials or research.

Once you pass the marketing logos, you will learn that PXL Male Enhancement a simple nitric oxide supplements. Let’s see how it works.

How PXL Male Enhancement?

PXL Male Enhancement claims to work as a simple nitric oxide supplement which also has a double effect of increasing testosterone levels and support muscle growth.

PXL Male Enhancement says it “literally at the molecular level” work with your DNA, thereby creating well-defined muscles while you sleep.

Some of the so-called “proven effects” of PXL Male Enhancement include all of the following:

  • Construction lean muscle mass
  • ¬†fader range from nitric oxide
  • Elimineer lactic acid, ammonia and free radicals
  • Very cracked and damaged muscles
  • Enhanced ATP (cellular energy production)

Typical supplements with most of the sales page discusses how the product works. However PXL Male Enhancement has a different approach, where most of his sales page and packaging is issued, stating how their supplement use secret is that “super muscle men” women to attract women – the same women that you can not get.

Basically PXL Male Enhancement makes you look like an idiot on the fact that you fail to complete this supplement, and you hope the benefits. They call you even Frauenversteher drinking Gatorade and protein shakes.

The manufacturer even absurd claims about how “no side effects” and “PXL Male Enhancement is better than steroids”. Seriously, that’s the word for word explanation (in German) on the PXL Male Enhancement sales page (it specifically says “Deshalb ist Besser PXL Male Enhancement as steroid.”

Eventually you will learn that there is only one ingredient in PXL Male Enhancement: L-Arginine.

PXL Male Enhancement ingredients

Each capsule 2 operation of PXL Male Enhancement contains 450 mg of L-arginine alpha-ketoglutarate. That’s the only ingredient listed. It is unclear why this is listed as an own formula (usually this is used when there are multiple ingredients).

The only other listed ingredients are gelatin, magnesium stearate and silica.

L-arginine is a popular amino acid used by bodybuilders to boost vascularity for a workout. It is clinically proven to widen blood vessels and improve athletic performance. It is filled with scientific proof that it works as advertised.

The only problem with PXL Male Enhancement’s L-arginine is that it is found in a ridiculously small dose.

Bodybuilders usually take L-arginine in doses of 3,000 to 6,000 mg – which is many times stronger than the 450 mg total daily dose in a PXL Male Enhancement. At a dose of 450 mg is PXL Male Enhancement unlikely that your body or nitrogen in your bloodstream is very noticeable.

The other problem is that you will see a very strong dose in this price range: PXL Male Enhancement is significantly higher priced than most conventional L-arginine supplements on the market. So you pay a lot more money for a lot less formula.


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